Central News Office held the fourth issue of "Neticon Youth Classroom" activities

  On the morning of September 29, in order to celebrate the establishment of New China, continue to deepen the "unforgettable, remember the mission" theme education, the central network letter office organized group committee organized the fourth "Nets Youth Classroom" event, invited People’s Daily Publishing Social president, party history research field expert,上海419龙凤 "Nativity – Ten months of the birth of the Republic" Author Dong Wei surrounded the theme of "Unforgettable – New China" The theme of the topic and interacts.

  Comrade Dong Wei took a very well-known touching story and historical fragment. He led everyone to revisit the magnificent history of New China to set up the founding of New China. He focused on the communists stood, struggle, unite and lead the people of all nationalities. The hardships of the success of the success of the success of the battle before defeating. Through this study, the Vast Young University of the Central Netcom Office further understands the party history, the history of new China, and further strengthens the awareness of the purpose of the people, further enhances the mission of the development of the business, selfless dedication, 新茶嫩茶微信上海and help the development of the national network. Responsibility.

Everyone has said that it will firmly 上海会所推荐网 establish "four awareness", firm "four confidence", resolutely do "two maintenance", unforgettable, remember the mission, contribute to the construction of network strong country, and contribute their own intelligence and strength.

The current activity is organized by the Secretary of the Secretary of the Central Net Letter.