Fuzhou Taichung Party Building Leading Community Governance is a "book" of the residents.

Fuzhou Taijiang District Shanghai Street Shanghai Xinyuan Community Shuxiang Dawei Qianzhi’s "Near Neighbor Party Building" model Under the leading community governance, it is a happy life of the residents’ "book".

The Community Party Branch is optimized to the "Red Theme Square" to set "four awareness" plaque, party history, red talk, etc. "red landscape belt", add party members to learn education, talk about the new model of talk.

Create a community party group service center, fully integrate into the party building elements, set the red lecture hall, 青浦油压全套 red book bar, red interactive area, to create the grassroots of party members, the platform of party building cultural activities, inherit the red gene of the party building leading the community, enrich the spirit of residents Life provides residents with a rest space.

The community has played the autonomous initiative of the residents, and the party member center is used as a bobbone, and the masses use the people as a focus on the subject, the life is concerned, and the work is carried out. . Attracting the retired old party members who are familiar with the masses fully play its own advantages, forming a party volunteer service group represented by "sunset red", extensive dispute mediation and other volunteer services.

Focus on the two platforms of "party members first pioneing" and 上海会所工作室外卖 "wish echo wall", and collect the "mental wish" of the residents, calls, etc., with practical actions, "you write a 上海干磨水磨店 wish, I will respond". (Lin Biao Pan Huang Wei) (Edited: Lin Dongxiao, Zhong Xia Liuhua).