Hanyang Jiangxuan: Use "Non-legacy" to tell the party’s history of struggle

Hubei Daily News (Reporter Zhu Hui, correspondent Liu Jingjing, Zeng Jian) ??Han embroidery, female book, Huang Mei paste … On November 18, in Jiangxuan Community, Wuhan, Hanyang District, the non-legacy inheritance, in one In needle, a word is painted, showing a major achievement of the party’s hundred years, and learn the spirit of the 19th National 上海推油论坛 Session of the Party. "This is all of our baby." 2018, Wang Lihua and other five Jiangxuan community residents, because of the common collection of hobbies, set up a golden years studio.

At the event, these 5 collectors selected some Mao Zedong’s chapters, books, quotations, poetry, pictures, and red smoke labes.

"This piece of collection records a period of history.

Looking at them, there will be a vivid picture in front of you, telling us a moving story.

"The 67-year-old collector Wang Lihua said.

"Three hundred and sixty lines, travel out of the champion." "Tonghua painting skills" area non-legacy inheritance man Hu Jiahong

At the scene, he is creating a series of cultivatics, showing the changes and development of "three hundred and sixty lines".

A work consisting of 8 strains from him, from the anti-Japanese war, the Liberation of War, to the opening ceremony, "two bomb one stars", and record important moments in the past 100 years. The 58-year-old Jiangxuan resident Chen Dongsheng is the heritage of Wuhan City. He wrote 8 words "100 years of co-cultivation", saying that the full media reporter of Hubei Daily said that he and his wife have medical insurance, medical pension is guaranteed, two granddaughters, big 4 years old, small born a few In a month, a three generations live together, and he is happy. "Huang Mei Puzzles" national inheritance people Shijiu Mei years have been seventeen years old, wearing glasses, a shot of a shower, "I want to put the great spirit of the Communists, through their own skills, embroidered into the hearts of the apprentices.

"Pingjin Fu word" "Fuqi full" "Shou Tao Wood Engraving" … in the event site, Chinese embroidery, Liu mud paper cut, Han school traditional wood carving master, original creation, multiple colors, meaningful Work, I feel the party, bless the motherland. Hu Mingrong, secretary of the Jiangxuan Community Party Committee, said that the party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session will be held, which is the summary of the 上海品茶论坛419 hundred years of struggle in the past, and the beginning of the new journey, the future will be achieved New development and leaping.

Next, Jiangxuan Community will organize a series of activities to let the residents "listen to understand, remember to live, and have forgotten" in depth, the spirit of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.