Harbin will conduct a new round of nucleic acid detection If there is no new case, the city has dropped to low risk Harbin Added – News

[Abstract] To November 17, such as no new cases, the whole city will drop to low risk.

Harbin City responds to the Pneumonia Pneumonia Epidemic Working Command Working Command (November 13, 2021) Since Harbin City, Harbin Municipal Committee and Municipal Government have resolutely implement the Party Central Committee and Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government With the deployment requirements, under the guidance of the Working Group of the State Council, all party members cadres deep into the first line, put the lives of people’s lives and health in the first place, with the people’s people, difficult to implement various prevention and control measures, resolute Curb the epidemic spread.

Under the co-strive of the people of the city, Harbin’s epidemic prevention and control and preventive and anti-control preventive and anti-control will have achieved phased outcomes. By November 17th, such as no new cases, the whole city will drop to low risk.

In order to further consolidate the results 闵行按摩现在营业 of the epidemic prevention and control, we must effectively safeguard the lives and health of the people. The city’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters decided to launch a new round of all-round nucleic acid detection in the city from 8:00 to 8:00 on November 15th. . The relevant matters are announced as follows: First, all personnel in the administrative region of Harbin requires nucleic acid detection screening.

Second, this round nucleic acid detection sampling time ends from 8 o’clock to 20 o’clock on the 15th. Please ask the general public to actively cooperate, prepare your ID card, account book (no ID card) or Longjiang health code, according to the designated time of the street, community (village) notice to the designated test point ordered queue to participate in the sample.

Personnel 上海闵行颛桥kb have inconvenient in action, home health monitoring, etc., is sampled by mobile sampling staff.

Third, when you go out, please standardize the mask, pay attention to keep warm, pay attention to safety. Please listen to the on-site staff command, line up, maintain 1 meter spacing, and participate in the test.

Minors are invited to accompany them.

After the sample is completed, the first time is cleaned and disinfected. Everyone will continue to comply with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control.

Current in winter, Harbin is low, the road is slippery, please pay attention to the weather changes, do a good job in cold and warm, pay attention to travel safety, Zhong Zhicheng, concentric immunity, and jointly defend the Ice City, guard home. Here, I am particularly grateful 上海品茶微信桑拿酒店 to the support, understanding and cooperation of the general public to prevention and control in Harbin. Let us work together to cultivate the chalk, and achieve the victory of this epidemic prevention. Source: Harbin released.