Changzhou three-risk area adjustment is low risk in the low-risk whole country

Original title: Notice on Adjusting the Level of Changzhou Epidemic Risk 上海浦东新区品茶群 Region on Adjusting the Relevant Matters of Changzhou Epidemic Risk Regional Level According to the relevant provisions of the State Council’s joint-defense mechanism, it is determined by the comprehensive research, the city’s new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters decided, From January 17, 2021, Jiuzhou New World Flower Court, Jiuzhou, Lanling Street, Tianning District, Nanzhou New Village, Lanling Street, Tianning District, adjusted to low risk Regions, epidemic control measures in the existing sealing area, control area and prevention zone are synchronized.

After adjustment, Changzhou City is a low-risk area.

Low risk is not equal to zero risk, "unpacking" is not equal to "unfaming". The current epidemic prevention and control situation is still serious, the 爱上海龙凤对对碰 city should implement the measures to implement the normalized epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the overall requirements of "external prevention input, internal defense", and consolidate the "four-party responsibility" and strengthen the full chain closed loop management.

The general public must perform personal epidemic prevention responsibilities, enhance epidemic prevention, implement epidemic prevention measures, comply with epidemic prevention requirements, and cooperate with epidemic prevention, and do their own health "first responsible person". Changzhou Xinguan Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters November 16, 2021.