Cai Yingwen’s "unique" madness plus the Taiwan Nationality

  Cai Yingwen throws the so-called "four persistence" in the so-called "Double Ten Speech", publicly advocating the two sides of the "mutual belongings"; accepting the development of Taiwan military power against the mainland when receiving the American Cable News Network (CNN) interview The US soldiers are in Taiwan, claiming to have confidence in the United States "Co-defense Taiwan".

Cai Ying Wen’s Crazy Promoted "Relying on the US Anti-Middle" Route, publicly selling "New Two Language", continuously performing "unique" provocation, plus the situation of Taiwan’s situation, seriously damaging Taiwan’s people’s well-being, will be discovered by people, Historical trial and legal sanctions. The so-called "four persistence", advocating the two sides of the "mutual disconnection", Taiwan "Democratic Constitutional" and "Taiwan self-determination", the core is the "mutual disqualification" on both sides of the strait, essence is "China’s Republic of China" version "New World" "The aphrodisiac" is a further arrogant provocation of the Cai Yingwen authorities. "New Two Kings" continues the DPP "Taiwan’s future resolution", than Li Tenghui "two national theories" more exposed, more dangerous than Chen Shui-bian "," the "Taiwan sovereignty", completely negation "two sides One in the framework, realize the essence "famous", and retain the "Chinese Republic of China" empty shell, confuse international audio-visual, deceive the people in the island, essence is to build "China’s Republic of China" is packaged, with "Taiwan Golden Horse Destinum Community" Target, more deceptive new "Taiwan independence" system, trying to achieve "Taiwan independence" goals from China from China.

  "New Two Kings" has deviated from the history, legal and reality of the two sides of the same belongings, and does not comply with the current provisions of the Taiwan region, but the Cai Yingwen authorities will still throw out or speak, obviously there is a need for many non-persevering purposes.

First, the cross-strait relationship is worse, and the focus of the spa上海fj people in the island will be dissatisfied with their governance.

The second is the "frame limit" China National Democratic Party’s cross-strait policy, reducing the pressure of the people’s cross-strait policy on the DPP.

The third is to cater to the United States to "Teihua Hua" strategy, manufacture the United States to support Cai Yingwen, support the people of the people.

The fourth is to further "independent" in the island, deepen the "anti-middle" "anti-inline" atmosphere, set in advance, in advance, in the Taiwan region to elect the spindle, to seek long-term governance for the Ministry of Person, for Cai this mother "Historical positioning paving.

  Cai Yingwen’s "unique" madness, intensifies the nervous confrontation 上海娱乐地图yldt between the two sides, seriously damaging the interests of Taiwan Peace and Taiwan people.

The fantasy of Cai Yingwen "" Relief "is" alone ", stubbornly adheres to" Taiwan independence ", obstructs unity, tie Taiwan to" Taiwan independence "charius, blocking the two sides of the strait, peacefulness, will only give Taiwan Come endless disaster. During the main rule of Cai Yingwen, Taiwan’s security risks rose, the development environment deteriorated, and more fell into the trap of the external forces, losing dignity. It is certain that the deepening of the Taiwan authorities in the implementation of "relying on the beauty against", the longer the time, the greater the loss of Taiwan, the smaller the development space, the future is exploring the "two system" Taiwan programs "chips" and The less cyclone space.

  "Taiwan independence" is a closed road.

The growing comprehensive strength of the motherland mainland, the Thunder Wanli’s "unique" power, the national revival of the majestic, more than 1.4 billion Chinese demanded a strong will force, fundamentally determined "Taiwan independence" can only be a dream .

"Taiwan independence" division is the biggest obstacle to the unified motherland, which is a serious hidden danger of national rejuvenation. Resolutely crack down on "Taiwan independence" stubborn molecules, it is an inevitable requirement for safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests. It is also an inevitable initiative to maintain peaceful development between cross-strait relations and promote national unity. Any "Taiwan independence" stubborn molecules that organize, plan, and implement split countries, and destroy national unified behaviors will be severely punished. Opposing "Taiwan independence", promoting unity is the only correct choice for the wake-up self-rescue of Taiwan compatriots. Cai Yingwen authorities stepped up hiding the United States and the United States and the anti-China power, the 洋 自 重

However, "Taiwan independence" mad change, Taiwan is not part of China. Actimators.

The majority of Taiwan compatriots should deeply understand the "Taiwan independence" is a disaster. The unity is the truth of Fu Fu, and cooperate with the mainland compatriots. On the basis of "Jiuyi", promote the development of two sides, integrate development, jointly oppose and curb "Taiwan independence", and promote the motherland Peaceful unity, both enjoy mainland development opportunities, promote Taiwan’s safe development, and make contributions to the Chinese nation’s rejuvenation, sharing as the Chinese people’s dignity and glory. This is a bright future in Taiwan compatriots. (The author is assistant, researcher, director of the Taiwan Institute of China, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) (Editor: Liu Jie, Cui Yue) Sharing more people see.