Feixi: Help the overseas network crime gang "Money" 提 8 defendants were sentenced separately

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Xin’an Evening News 上海浦东喝茶品茶 Anhui Net Damu News News According to Feixi Procuratorate: Help "Money Laundering" to make a blend, greed will repent. A few days ago, the defendant of the Feixi County Procuratorate filed a public prosecution, Jiang Mou (all Jiangsu people), etc., concealed the crime of criminal affairs, 8 defendants were sentenced to 6 years in prison, and fined RMB 110,000 yuan to sentenced to 5 months in prison, probation 2 years and penalized a different penalty of 20,000 yuan.

From April to May 2020, a high-ranking studio is formulated with others to "laundering" for overseas network crime gangs.

Gao Mou acts as the actual person in charge of the studio and is responsible for contacting the overseas network criminal gangs. It is arranged to find the "customer" of the bank card with a daily rent of 200 yuan to 700 yuan. Studio recruiting a number of "salesman" specially engaged in the payment business, the Alipay account, bank card and mobile phone provided by "Customer", transfer the funds of the overseas network crime gang to the first level card, second-level Card, three-level card, etc., eventually returned to the account provided by the overseas criminal gang, escaping the public security organs to trace the fund flow.

According to the total amount of money on money laundering, the total amount of funds will help the total amount of more than RMB 7.73 million in more than a month, involving 242 cases such as telecom fraud.

After verification: The overseas network fraud gang mainly losses the victim through "中 行 金" "," Size Xiaoyue Finance ", etc. And brush single make money, exposure 祼 祼 相.. 害 害 害 方式

In May 2020, the victims living in Shangpai Town in Feixi County were applying for the "Billion Your Finance" mobile phone app to apply for "loan" for 150,000 yuan. After the application procedure, there is 150,000 yuan to send 150,000 yuan in the mobile phone app. But unable to cash.

After the other customer service, the bank card number fill in the wrong money is suspected of money laundering, requiring it to pay the certification, and sent a forged bank regulatory document.

After the sun, the other party needs to pay the handling fee, the guarantee, etc., and transfer to multiple designated bank accounts 181800 yuan.

The defendant ginger, Chen and other one-level bank card payment 18,000 yuan, and pay 163,800 yuan with Alipay account. After passing through the second-level Alipay account under this case, he will post 181,800 yuan, and then pay the accounts of the three Alipay accounts under the name, which will eventually return to the accounts provided by the overseas criminal gang, jointly concealing the crime.

In April 2020, the victim Xu was scammed by the fraud to be "brushing the money" is 43,210 yuan, of which 20799 yuan transfer to the "laundering" studio used by the "Money Laundering" studio, step-by-step transfer help money laundering .

In the end of the same month, Han Han was fraudulently investing in the "Greater Forex" platform to scam the RMB 330,000, transferred to the "Washing" studio used by the "Money Laundering" studio used multiple first-level bank cards and Alipay accounts, step by step transfer Help money. In the same month, the victim Wang was fired by a fraud to be fired by the shopping refund, transferred to the first-class bank card and Alipay account used by the "Money Laundering" studio, step by step, and transfer money. In the same month, the victim high wars were threatened by the criminals to threaten the RMB 8999, of which 5,000 yuan transferred to the "Washing" studio used in the case, and transferred the handling of money.

At the end of April to May of the same year, the victim Cai was scammed by fraud to be divided into RMB 2.14 million in "Space Full Finance" gaming website, including 80,000 yuan to the "laundering" studio used in this case. Level bank card and Alipay account, step-by-step transfer to help money. In May of the same year, the victim’s bell was taken by the fraud to apply for online loans with its identity information. Money money. In addition, it also identifies, high 上海自带工作室服务 sales of national authorities.

From October to December 2019, the defendant Gao went to 26 registered companies in Chaohu City, more than 50 banks on the public; 7 of Nanjing registered company, handed over multiple pairs of public accounts, and transferred to others, Receive transfer funds for multiple telecom fraud cases. Edit: Peng Ling.