Continue to support Hubei’s development in Hubei

  In order to support Hubei’s epidemic reinvolution and high quality development, last year, the Ministry of China selected 30 cadres of the Central Unit to come to the Hubei, and it was once a year and will return.

On November 15th, the central unit came to the Huban Cadres to summarize the symposium to hold in Han. Before the meeting, the provincial party secretary should be brave, the Provincial Party Committee deputy secretary, and the governor of the provincial party committee, Wang Zhonglin, visited the whole job cadres, and sincerely thank you for the important contribution to the hard work of Hubei’s economic and social development. Be brave, last year, in the face of sudden new crown pneumonia epidemics, attributive to the General Secretary Xi Jinping, personally deployed with the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, under the strong support of the people of the country, the epidemic prevention and control of Hubei defend, Wuhan defending battle Decisive results. At the moment of suffering from the epidemic in Hubei, the economic and social development is extremely difficult, the relevant units of the China Group and the Central Committee respond 上海香草419论坛 to General Secretary of the Popular Secretary to the call of Hubei "take the hand, pull one", and select everyone to Hubei, with cadres The way of supporting talents, helping Hubei hyperplasia and high quality development. In the past year, everyone has resolutely implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping. In order to promote the Party Central Committee to support the Hubei policy, it has played a positive role, showing the solid style and good spiritual style of the central unit cadres, and has been highly praised by the Hubei cadres. With this experience in Hubei, you are also Hubei people.

I hope everyone is in Hubei, and the love is Jingchu, and continue to support Hubei’s development. I hope that everyone will better apply the achievements to new work practices, make greater results. 上海kb油压 Li Rongcan, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Organization Department, attended the summary symposium.

He said that a year ago, the Ministry of China specially selected the central unit cadres to Hubei, and the way of cadre talent was supported by Hubei "tied".

In the past year, the cadres have kept remembering, the service overall, active as, using the actual effectiveness of the development of Hubei, play the advantage, dare to innovate, hang the trunk, put the advanced concept, scientific method into Hubei, fully showing Also dedicated ability literacy and hard style.

He hoped that the cadres continued to regard himself as "Hubei Comrade", and continued to fuel the driving force in Hubei,

  The meeting listened to the overall 上海spa按摩足浴论坛 situation of the job work, and four office cadres representatives made a speech. (Reporter Li Baolin, Wang Wei, Li Ting) (Editor: Guan Xiyan, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.