Diligent and unselfish dedication (sentimental

Walking Tianshan Northern and South, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps 7th Municipal, more than 100 farming guspies and building towns, sitting on the generous land of Guangjiang. The Corps is a heavy book that is red.

There is a "Bohai Teaching Travel Memorial" in the second division of the Corps.

It recorded the changes in the times, transmitted the breath of reform and innovation: the past farmers, hard work, pioneering and enterprising, ushered in the first spring of the river; today’s second division Tiemen Guan City, struggle to reform, seek new and seeking change Continue to write a new chapter of reform and opening up.

Five Teachers in the Sixth Division of the Corps are famous "Swordsman".

Here is "General Street" "General", and there is a "General Memorial" by the name of the name to the premise.

The Memorial Hall also showed the glorious history of the sixth division of the Sixth Years, and the 124 people who came out of the predecessors of the predecessors, the revolutionary ghosts, for the Chinese nation, and the glory of the founding of New China.

A generation of arms, people, "Dedicated youth, donated life and grandchildren", never changed, never retired, build a city of ecological civilization in the ancient wasteland. In the beautiful army, the eighth division of the armed group, the sore, the red brick building covered by a green tree is the place where the Xinjiang Corps Museum is located.

Here is the first place for the original Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s 22nd Corps, and later served as the Ministry of Agricultural Embassy. A historical picture, rusty farmer, machine and car and other precious exhibits are the epitome of the spirit of the military group.

The soldiers are hardworking, selfless dedication, build an oasis on the 上海夜生活品茶网 wild beach, like night pearls in the land of Guangjiang. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army entered the Tiantian Trichoruns, towering in the fourteenth Military Town Square of the 47th Regiment of the 47th Regiment of the Nummer of Kunlun Mountain and Taklamgan Desert. The red part of the monument is seen from the south to the north. It seems to be a plow; from the south to the north, it is like a box gun, which means that the Shatai veteran sword fossil, and the hero feat of the border. Located in the west of the west of the forty-seventh group, the veteran of the veteran and their future generations from the living ground to home grass, the brick house, the change of the building, is the life change of the veteran Historical testimony, also a few generations of people who don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind the 上海品茶群怎么进 historical testimony of the mission.