Hainan Tunchang innovation seeking change

  Hainan Province, Xiaochang County accelerated building a modern industrial system, continuously optimizing the business environment, replenishing the people’s livelihood short board, actively grabbing the historical opportunity of Hainan Free Trading Port, and has a good investment to invest in investment, effectively investment, high quality project Support the high quality development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

  Tunang is located in the "Haikou One-hour Economic Circle". It is the only hilly area in Hainan. The domestic ecological environment is good, the natural resources are rich, and the characteristics have a long history. The large-scale planting of South medicine can be traced back to the 1950s.

  In recent years, in recent years, Tunchang will grab the construction opportunities, excellent layouts, strong foundations of Hainan Free Trade Port, and accelerate the construction of the production of the production city, with the production of prosperous city, promote the industrial collection, and strengthen the chain. , Vigorously develop the exquisite processing of specialty agricultural products, South Medicine research, Chinese medicine health and health tourism three pillar industries, promote transformation and rapid economic development in industrial gathering. At present, Qunchang is striving to implement various policy and system of Hainan Free Trade Port, relying 浦东油压会所 on its resource endowment and industrial characteristics, focusing on cultivating special industries and products with core competitiveness. Promote the high quality development of Tunchang, the foundation in the industry, the key relying on the project, and broke through the investment. In the "Surprise Point, Brain Point, Promoting Development" activities carried out in the province of Hainan, the county 上海外滩419会所电话 government in the county party committee, the county government, to clarify the development of the industrial development, clearly put the investment of investment to the total starting point of economic development, take "going out" and The combination of "introduction" is combined, and vigorously promotes the introduction of Nanjia culture and products, introducing high-end biopharmaceutical enterprises and research institutions, and strives to build Nanzhi, processing, processing, sales, processing, and promoting Chinese medicine to go out; Use the tariff policy of free trade port, actively introduce agricultural product processing enterprises, accelerate the cultivation of export-oriented enterprises and industries, and effectively improve the effectiveness of investment, and accelerate the construction of higher levels of open industrial systems.

  Grab the project. Tunang firmly establishes innovation, responsibility, and the awareness of competition for excellence, and transform development opportunities into development initiatives and development results. Strengthen project tracking and service work, with "county-level leading bag project, department tracking service" full chain service project construction work mechanism, more powerful, speed, compared to quality, than service, more effective, speed up the project to implement landing.

  Promote investment.

Tun Chang gathered the wisdom, the power of all members, and made a new breakthrough in soliditude as a promotion of investment. At the same time, strengthen the construction of professional investment team, strengthen business training and talent introduction, the construction of a number of investment promotion, the business is proficient, diligent and dedicated, and provide comprehensive implementation of talent support for investment promotion.

  Optimizing the business environment is the key to stimulating the vitality of the Shuichang market.

Tun, the optimization of the business environment as the vivid practice of "checkpoint, breaking difficulties, promoting development" activities, and the company’s "gold standard" as the business environment, and creates a good "business, rich business, and business". Atmosphere, as a good service, constantly enhance the satisfaction of the company and feel.

  In the process of promoting the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, Tunang is in a more full enthusiasm, more excellent, welcome to friends at home and abroad to invest in. I am looking forward to a better tomorrow with everyone to witness the development of Tunang. Source: Sourceph "style =" Display: None "of the Communist Party of China.