Fuzhou Mawei District Procuratorate launched the six convenience initiatives of "good judicial love

Since the development of education and rectification, the people’s procuratorate of Fuzhou, Fujian Province, combined with prosecutive functions, organized the "good judicial, love people" for private practical series theme activities, and launched "public welfare lawsuits to solve the people’s worries, ecological protection", spring buds Planned to protect the people and young, the parties replied to the people, and the eagerness of the people, the public hearing, and the public opinion "and other conveniences have achieved good results. "Good" solve the people’s worries, guarantee the public safety Maveli District People’s Procuratorate to give full play to the public welfare litigation procuratorate, which is strongly reflected by the people, and organizes the elevator, the well cover, and the construction site. Special supervision activities such as public safety. Since March of this year, the People’s Procuratorate of the Mawei District issued 17 procuratorates, supervising more than 210 people in people’s livelihood. In March of this year, the hospital organized the police in the residential area, hotel mall, school hospital, etc. 24 hours of uninterrupted work mode, successively visited more than 100 people’s livelihood issues, oversight and rectifying 5 categories of people’s livelihood issues, and promoted the "scattered" problem of the construction site, reducing construction dust and noise.

"Good" to wait for the environment, guard the people’s beautiful life, the people’s procuratorate is actively engaged in the blue sky and blue water, the blue sky, the "public welfare litigation to guard the good life" special supervision action, pay attention to the internal river water system rectification, water source protection, pension . Since the development of education and rectification, the hospital has prosecuted 21 national crimes against the campaign, illegal fishing, deforestation, etc., and seized more than 700,000 yuan in ecological repairs. In March this year, 8 units of Fuzhou Marine and Fisheries Law Enforcement Detachment, Majiang Maritime Department launched a special action of "Guardian Ma Ti’s most beautiful coastline", strengthened marine ecological protection. "Good" You Chunlei, safeguarding the legal rights of minors to formulate the "Implementation Plan for Perfecting the Comprehensive Protection System of Minors", led 22 units to build a comprehensive protection of the "Alliance" in the Magascus Region, and strengthen minors Judicial protection and social protection cohesive, fully construct a comprehensive protection system of "1 + 3 + N" government, society, school, and family four integrated minors. In-depth implementation of "One Procuratorate Suggestions", deepen the rule of law into the campus tour activities, and select 21 departments to serve as the deputy principal of the rule of law of primary and secondary schools.

Since the development of education and rectification, the People’s Procuratorate of the Mawei District has carried out 13 public laws. Create a system system system, extend the social supervision of the social supervision, supervise the relevant departments to investigate and deal with more than 200 food, stationery and other operating units around the campus, 37 pieces of unqualified products, and investigate 5 unqualified foods, purification Adult growth environment. "Good" and resolved the contradictions, the people’s procuratorate, the people’s procuratorate, deepened the "Reply to the people of the masses" work, and the education and rectification work has been accepted to visit 11 pieces, and the procedural reply is processed within 7 days. 100%. Actively resolve social contradictions and carry out three-person maintenance and docking, which promotes more than RMB more than RMB more than RMB more than 6 people. In-depth implementation of the "Six Steady Six Bao" requirements, innovation launched the "Seni Justice ‘Treatment", actively carried out the docking, contradictory dispute resolution work in the self-trading area, conflict dispute resolution, and created a good environment for enterprises Improve the intensity, precision and temperature of the development of the self-trading area.

"Good" is anxious, carrying out the judicial rescue work, the people’s procuratorate of the Magascus area, should rescue the rescue, and actively carry out judicial assistance.

Since the development of education and rectification, the victims of the case of the difficult cases or their close relatives have issued 30,000 yuan.

Adhere to the return visit to the rescue object, combine one-time relief and continuity, for the specific difficulties of the rescue personnel, assist in handling 2 people, and carry out 7 psychological 上海干磨店688 guidance, and recommend 10 employment. Creating a "criminal suspect’s family assistance mechanism", joint civil affairs, social assistance and other institutions, to promote the fact that there is difficult person and his family to carry out the case, to prevent the inconsistency, causing the poor.

"Good" listening to public opinion, protects the people’s right to know, participation, and supervising the right to listen to the voice of the people in the case, strengthen the case review public hearing, and invited more than 20 people’s representatives, CPPCC members, people supervision The people and the masses represent the public review cases.

Since the development of education and rectification, the hospital held three public hearing, and three cases listened to the people’s opinions 上海品茶资源 on 3 criminal cases. In April this year, the hospital held a public hearing according to law, and widespread the opinions of the people, and the suspects did not prosecute, which reached the purpose of the rule of law, and saved a soon. Broken family.

(Editor: Wu Zhou, Zhong Xia Liuhua).