Generation ceremony: from the military camp to the police camp to write no regrets

Not long ago, the resilience retired Nanhai boat in the Nanghai boat.

At the welcoming ceremony, the most beautiful retired soldiers in Fuyang City, the first public security bureau traffic police brigade police, as guests were invited to attend the ceremony. In November 1980, the dealtics should be enrolled, and a troops in the Nanjing Military Region have served as a correspondent, instrument and driver.

In 1984, since the performance was prominent, the personal third-party work was held.

After taking off the military uniform police uniform, transfer to the first municipal public security bureau traffic police brigade, transferring the dedication to the traffic management service. He has made a pavement traffic police, and he served as the captain and the deputy captain.

No matter how the position is replaced, the generation of ceremony is always always in the initial heart, and the whole body is in the heart of his love.

Three years ago, the city’s public security traffic control department handed the electric three-wheeled car disorderly governance task to the survivor.

In order to do this work, the construction ceremony works overtime to the city’s 4,000 tricycles, and fully cooperate with centralized rectification actions.

There is a middle-aged woman who lives in the Township of the Township, and is seized by the ban. It is understood that Wang has lost labor capacity due to the depth of the waist many years ago.

Its husband is blind, and there are two children in the family to go to school, and the situation is very difficult.

After the promotion ceremony criticized Wang according to law, he took the bedding, clothes, and took the lead in donation of 2,000 yuan.

When the contemporary gifts personally sent these money to the family, the whole family touched tears.

According to the conference, the practice of love, the practice of love is praised by all 上海娱乐地图论坛 walks of life, and the tricycle management work is advanced. The first year of the first year of the Lunar New Year, the transformation of the positive duty was received by two female reports. After driving the electric tricycle, they equipped with 10,000 yuan in cash and important listing, the handbag of the documents forgotten in the car. According to the electric vehicle who provided her memory number "113" according to them, it was repeatedly compared to the query.

He also notifies the road alarm, fully pays attention to find the same number of red electric vehicles.

At the same time, the promotional ceremony conducts an simulated investigation test. Please take the two owners to take the same model from the original car, and re-taken along the original route.

After the line is 上海闵行桑拿洗浴会所 tracked, when the vehicle lines to the fourth minute, the destination is found to have a monitoring of the shop gate, and the monitoring is monitored at the time, and the car body is red, the number of passengers is "453". Electric vehicle. After contact with the owner, it quickly found the lost handbag, all cash, and the items were returned to Zhao.

The two lost the mains expressed their gratitude to 2000 yuan, and they were appreciated by the promotion.

Since the province’s public security organs, a police trial system is implemented, and the construction of the ritual self-evidence is courageous to connect 20 kilometers from the county. Liu Village. When Li Xiuying, Li Xiuying, who was in the 85-year-old age of the village and his mentally disabled son, and often was beaten by his son, and the generation ceremony took the initiative to help with their mother and child, and immediately mentioned rice, face, oil and other items.

For 8 consecutive years, the promotion ceremony and Li Xiuying have been like relatives, and they will move in each other.

No pain no gain.

The promotion ceremony was rated as a national public security system, the top ten political and legal police officers, and the first municipal people’s government in the city will be awarded personal third-party work; three consecutive years were rated as "Spring Festival Advanced Personal Personal" ", The first most beautiful retired soldiers in Fuyang City.

At the beginning of this year, he was also rated as "the first good person". (Wang He Hong Palace Sword Meng Jun) (Editor: Huang Yan, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.