Gu Ling: The seventeen-year-old life is just like a dream, how is it?

  Xinhua News Agency, January 31, Canto, Erlink: 17-year-old life is just like a dream, how is it?Xinhua News Agency Lu Xiji, Xiao Ya Zhuo, Su Bin 2020, 17, her in the Lausan Winter Olympics, I won two gold for the Chinese team; in the International Snow Federation Ski World Cup, the first one in history is in the same point.Station won the two project gold medals; her "American college entrance examination", that is, the SAT score is only 20 points lower than the full division, and finally by the University of Stanford … In 2021, she won the game "opening", in the worldExtreme Games XGames Winter Session, winning the free-style ski super U-shaped venue, slope disorder skill competition, also picking copper in the big jump platform.

  She is Gu Ling, a super version "child’s child". As a typical adolescent child, she is keen to share my philosophy of life being formed. To be successful, she said that this is only ideal for all people. But then, you just want to do the best.

  When the seventeen-year-old life is like a dream, she is very enjoyable.

  Without "Tiger", only the example is in the ultra-high SAT score and the identity of the new Xinshan Student, Gu Aling’s heat from the ice and snow "broken" to education.

Many people guess that she has a "tiger mother"? When you asked this question, You Zi Ling said: "Many people ask me, is she let you ski? Is she let you go to school? But I really don’t have ‘tiger’!" Gu Ai Ling does not deny mother. And Grandma has a huge impact on her, even, the two parents are the most "worship" women.

She uses "very powerful, very confident, very brave" to describe them. Gu Ai Ling mentioned strict, more important to learn, and be good at encouraging grandmother.

"I set the hardest goal to myself, because my grandmother told me, don’t be afraid, what do you think is because it is difficult? Is it because you don’t think you can’t do it? But you can do anything.

"When these goals have appeared, the mother also gives guidance and encouragement in time. At the age of four, Gu Ling once asked her mother, what is the best university and the most difficult university in the world. Answer is Stanford, that is Her mother’s school.

"From then on, I think I must go to Stanford University.

"At the age of eight, nine years old, I just added a ski team, the only girl inside, I went home to say to my mother, I want to go to the Olympics! "For the origin of the Olympic Dream, Gu Ling is still fresh.

And the mother’s response is – "Come on!" Successful formula – enthusiasm, balance, efficient valley love Ling said, at the beginning of the training of professional ski athletes, mother and grandmother do not support. "They also say that ski is particularly dangerous." But in the mother’s education concept, children should pursue what they are interested.

Ski is one of the most enthusiastic things in Gu Ling.

  "Later, they found that I especially loved this exercise, I know that the happiness that the ski brought me is endless, and (turn) very supported me.

"I am not skiing than the Olympics, I originally doing these things because I like it, and then start the game, the way to win, which makes me prefer it, then do it. "" Similarly, I am also learning for Cosanford.

"She added.

  For how to maintain enthusiasm, Gu Ai Ling gives answers – balance.

She said, at the same time, the full-time student and professional athletes are determined by themselves. "If there is no ski, learning may become very meaningless.

If I think it is going to ski next week, it should go well now. When you ski, I should enjoy it, because I have been looking forward to last week. "Gu Ai Ling emphasizes that when you do anything, she will try their best to keep concentration. After being completed, clean and neatly switch to the next thing.

  Focus, efficient habits bring another positive cycle.

Gu Aling has an amazing data – now, she still sleeps enough for 10 hours a day! "I can do so many things every day because I have a lot of energy.

"This concept is also her mother church. There are more struggles, there are more exciting success, and there is a effort in Valley’s love foreigners.

  Talking about how you seamlessly switched between schools and training fields, Gu Ai Ling said: "There is a 4-hour drive from home to Lake Tahoe, I learned to write homework on the car, sleep on the car, car Changed clothes, eat on the car. "Her SAT test is attending the training transcendal gap. Short time and unfamiliar transportation of 上海洗浴论坛推荐 Switzerland, so that she has to run more kilometers in the rain before entering the examination room. During the epidemic, she could not work with the coach. "I can only find a friend’s coach. I asked a question." Without the gym, she insisted on doing self-heavy training at home, and insisted on running … Gu Ai Ling always express a point of view – These experiences make her life interest, and she is very 上海喝茶联系方式 enjoyable.

  World champion, learning tyrant, fashionist, gourmet … This featured girl boldly close to these roles. This is enviable, amazing, but not surprised.

Because of the seventeen, it is an age of inspiration with endless energy and heaven.

  Gui Ling usually loves to play with friends.

"In 2020, I think the most regrettable thing is that the school’s graduation dance will be canceled!" She hopes that after the university can make more friends. She said, even have many successful labels, but do not want others to fall into the scribes of her impression.

"I don’t want my friend, I think I am a ski athlete, I think they think I am a friend, I am Ai Ling.

"What is the small goal in 2021? Gui Ling said that he will prepare for the Beijing Winter Olympics, which is the most focused thing now. From her mothers, she can see that she is challenging. High difficult action.

  "I hope soon I can go back to China, slippery with everyone, see the snow," Gu Ai Ling sent an invitation.