Drunk cart home is also a drunk driving?

  □ Thought opened on October 27th, Ms. Li, who was in Xinxiang, Henan, had a bottle of beer when got up at a meal, and she could not drive after drinking. 松江大学城200一晚 When she left home, she would choose a cart home. The video they took pictures showed that one person walked outside the door, while controlling the steering wheel, two companions push the blue cars at the taxi.

This thing has formed a four-school distinct opinion in the netizens of the hot discussion. For drunk driving, facing administrative punishment, even criminal punishments. Others believe that the three women 上海品茶论坛spa take up the road, implement the car, the vehicle advances slowly, if the traffic order is obstructed, its behavior is suspected of illegal, may face a warning or fine administrative penalty. In the network discussion, the multi-site traffic police said that this situation is not good to confirm, but the behavior of the parties has a safety hazard: it is not safe, and it may affect other vehicles, and shooting on the road if it is impeded And safe driving may also face penalties. The traffic police also pointed out: After drinking, even if it is only to park the car to the parking space, it is recommended to call the driver.

The practice of the cart is wrong, even if the car does fail, it should also be called the trailer.

  Most netizens believe that although the car is ignited, it does not use the driving force provided by the engine, essentially only a human car, and the speed is slower than the people, so it is not dangerous.

Of course, if it is hard to investigate, it is possible to take up a motorized lane. From the perspective of behavioral motivation, they have no illegal intention, but also consciously abide by the legal constraints that do not drive after drinking. To some extent, this decentralization should be praised. Of course, on the other hand, if other traffic violations can be made.

  Many netizens spitting the opposite side of the debate do not understand the car: can determine the fire? Too funny? The key door control is just the circuit of the car, and the electric power is turned on, the so-called ignition refers to the launch of the car. The car tail light is on, only the indicator is powered, does not mean that there is already a power. The warm discussion is still in progress, and even the traffic police is not very good to conclusions to this matter.

How do Yueyang’s riders look at it and what lessons are you? .