For the people of the old district, Jiangxi Gui Xi: Bus 上海gm干磨不限次 is more convenient to take high-speed rail earlier.

Ms. Wu message screenshot.In June this year, Ms. Wu hugged the idea of trying, leaving the message on the People’s Network "Leading Message Board", hoping that the bus departure time in advance, convenient for the masses.

After receiving the message, the Yingtan City Transportation Bureau and Guixi Changyun Co., Ltd. arranged the relevant person in charge to see the situation to the Yingtan high-speed 闵行水磨会所论坛419 railway station, and convened the Coordination of Guixi to Yingtan High Speed Railway Station (9 Road) and the decision basis.The actual operational situation adjusts the runtime of the first class to 7:10.

Since September 17, the 9th bus is running in the first 7:10.Manager of Guixi Mayor Tell the reporter, "9 Roads are approximately 2闵行桑拿休闲会所3 kilometers, and the vehicle is running about 35 to 40 minutes, which can meet the needs of the public to take the early high-speed rail vehicles.

"" Like me to visit Nanchang, there are still many people who see the disease. After the transfer of bus time is too convenient! ""Ms. Wu said happily." Now I can return to Guixi on the same day after reading the disease.